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Auto Loans 

Credit anxiety can be very high when shopping for a new vehicle. Save the embarrassment of being turned down for the loan. Especially after you find the vehicle you are excited to purchase. We work closely with the best Independent dealers and some of the largest auto groups in the OKC metro area. We believe you deserve more than being shown the worst car on the lot, and being told that is all you can afford. We will guide you through the buying process, help you get a vehicle you like and with focus on your future credit goals with a regular loan, with no tricks involved.

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Home Improvement Loans 

FinancePoint is not a mortgage lender, but we are happy to help you maintain or improve your home by providing a home improvement loan. Maybe your heat and air system needs repair, or the plumbing is leaking. Maybe you will just like to add a deck, get patio furniture or new fence for your backyard. FinancePoint can help make your home improvement dreams become a reality.

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Appliance Loans

Are you in the market for a new refrigerator, or washer and dryer? But, only to find the financing big box stores provide is for perfect credit? Give FinancePoint a call! We will be happy to process your loan application, and discuss your pre-approval so you can avoid that anxiety! That will allow you to enjoy shopping for your new appliances!

debt consolidation loans

Debt Consolidation Loans

Tired of paying the high cost of interest on credit cards that just seem to never go away? Do you have payday loans that you need to consolidate into one loan and one payment? Maybe you have old bills that you want to pay in order to start rebuilding your credit? Let us help you with that today! Your life is worth more than letting this debt stress weight you down, call us.

Our other loan options to consider are; Furniture, Electronics, Christmas, and Back-to-School supplies.

Let FinancePoint be Your Loan Source for your unique needs today!