FinancePoint is an Oklahoma owned and operated lender who specializes in providing financing to the credit challenged consumer. For over nineteen years, we have proudly served our customers in the Oklahoma City Metro Area from our local office in Del City.

Our professional Underwriters have over 50 years of experience. We understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Whether you just need a chance at your first loan, or the opportunity to rebuild your credit due to mistakes or issues in the past, FinancePoint is here for you! No matter what your need (purchase a car, furniture, it’s your first loan, you need to rebuild credit, an unexpected expense, medical bills, etc.) FinancePoint is Your Loan Source. Our minimum loan amounts are $1,000, with a minimum term of 12 months.


We truly want to build good credit with you. One way is by offering loans for bill consolidation. This will help you to lower your interest expense, pay off your high cost credit cards more quickly or consolidate small loans.

FinancePoint doesn’t offer mortgage loans, but we do loan money for home improvements such as home repairs, landscaping, fences, decks, etc. Maybe you have really wanted that fun family backyard? Well, FinancePoint enjoys loaning money for the fun things in life as well! We are Your Loan Source!

Let us help you with your major purchases such as autos, furniture, appliances and electronics. Not only will FinancePoint provide financing for these items, but with our competitive rates, you will be able to enjoy your new purchases. Loans are not the only thing FinancePoint provides, we also provide peace of mind. You will rest easier knowing that you are dealing with a solid company made up of local, caring and compassionate employees who want to work with you.


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